Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Team Ideas: Tough Heroes and Healing

Strength + Healing Teams
Axe jungle
Centaur solo offlane
Pudge (mid)
Necrolyte + Earthshaker

Axe + Dazzle
Necrolyte + Death Prophet
DK mid
Idea:  Continual, sustained push

Chen jungle (pusher, gank mid)
Omni / Abaddon + Clockwerk (dominate lane, push w/Chen)
DK mid (gank, fight, take towers early – Shadowblade first, delay BKB: Repel)
Centaur solo offlane (Repel/Shield + Blink – initiator / counter-initiator)
Ban:  Split Push, Counterpush

Beastmaster offlane
DK mid
SFiend + Tidehunter + Venge/Visage

Plan:  Teamfight & Push.  Heavy right-click to counter anti-teamfight heroes like Silencer.
Ban:  Counterpush, Split Push & Counter-teamfight (KotL, NP, Windranger, Tinker, Naga)
Pick order:  Visage/Venge, DK, Tidehunter, Beastmaster, Shadowfiend

Kunkka + Jakiro safelane
Legion Commander Jungle
Necrophos mid
Doom solo offlane
Plan:  Farm and teamfight
Ban:  Gankers

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