Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Theme Lineups: Charge, Pounce or Grab Teams!

These lists are just for fun,  but illustrate what kind of "theme" dota2 teams you could put together.  Some of them even lane and synergize well!

Charge team:
Spirit Breaker mid, Centaur + Sand King, Phoenix + Magnus

Pounce Team:
Slark mid, Tusk, Morph, Mirana (support), Jugg (support)

Grabby Team:
Clockwerk, Pudge, Tiny, Timbersaw, Rubick

Blink, Charge or Pounce Heroes:
Spiritbreaker/QoP/Tusk/Puck mid
Anti-Mage/Slardar/Faceless/PA/Riki + Sand King/Spiritbreaker + Mirana
Timbersaw/Magnus/Mirana/WRunner/Clockwerk/Centaur offlane

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