Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Heroes by Role & Position

Some thoughts on various roles and uses of various Dota2 heroes.  Instead of defining heroes as "support, mid, or carry", I'm getting a bit more specific.  This is not by any means a complete list.

Pick for:

Reliable Stun:  Venge, Crystal Maiden (CM), Shadow Demon, Lion, Nyx, Sand King, Rubick, Sven, Alchemist
Lockdown: Bane, SS, Lion
Slow:  Venomancer, Dazzle, Lich, Skywrath, Jakiro
Followup-Stun:  Jakiro, Windranger, Lina, Disruptor, Leshrac, Lina
Zoning Heroes:  Clockwerk, Disruptor
AOE Damage:  Lich, Warlock, WindRanger, Skywrath, Jakiro, Veno, Sand King, CM
AOE Stun: Warlock, Tide, Enigma
Utility / Setup: Shadow Demon, Bane, Disruptor, Crystal Maiden
Lane Support / Harass:  Lion, Dazzle, Bane, Veno, Skywrath, Lich
Nuker:  Lina, Lion, Bane, WR, Rubick
Push:  Veno, Lina, Rubick, KotL, Lycan,
Tower Push:  Veno, SS, Warlock, Leshrac, Pugna, Lycan, Lone Druid, Troll Warlord
Counterpush:  KotL, Veno, Lina, Shadow Demon, Jakiro, WindRanger, SS

Hard Supports:
Crystal Maiden
Shadow Demon

Harder to Learn:

Non-Traditional Supports (Roamers):
Alchemist/Sven as support? (No Greevil’s, Acid+Concoction)
Viper as support?

Support – Utility mids:


Position 4:
Tidehunter (or 3)
Enigma (or 3)

Sand King
Shadow Shaman (SS)
Ogre Magi
Venomancer (or 3)
Skywrath Mage

Dota Heroes by Role

Team:  (Axe+DS, Lesh mid, Enigma + Naga):  Song, Vaccum, Black Hole, Lesh AOE, ion shell on Axe; creep-skip w Axe+DS.  Pull lane / Eidolon deny with Enigma to help Naga farm.

DS offlane, Enigma jungle, Lesh+Naga, QoP mid?
If DS banned:  Enigma offlane, Lesh+Naga, QoP/Magnus mid, or Magnus jungle?

Big teamfight heroes: 
Damage:  ES, Leshrac, Sand King, OD, AM, Veno, Sfiend, QoP, Lich, Skywrath?, Keeper, CM, Gyro, SS, Jakiro, Zeus, Tinker, Warlock, Witch Doctor, DP, Disruptor, Invoker, Rubick?
Disable:  Magnus, Enigma, Sven, Centaur, Slardar, Faceless, Silencer, AA?, Puck, Jakiro, Brewmaster, Kunkka, Beastmaster, Tide, Treant, Invoker
Positioning:  Dark Seer, Clockwerk, Venge, Disruptor
Buff/Debuff:  Dazzle, Venge, Necro, Shadow Demon, Invoker, Pugna, Undying, Chen, Drow, Beastmaster, Luna, Troll

Skirmish Heroes:
Lion, Venge, Visage, Slardar, Ogre Magi, Skywrath Mage, Nyx, Queen of Pain, Bloodseeker

Push Heroes:
Supports: Leshrac, Veno, Enigma, KotL, Venge, Lina, Undying, Sand King, Dazzle
Mids: Tinker, Shadowfiend, QoP, Magnus, Beastmaster, Razor, Sand King, Necrolyte, Death Prophet
Jungle: Nature’s Prophet, Chen / Enchantress, Enigma, Dark Seer
Carries: Gyro, Alchemist, Luna, Shadowfiend, DK, Juggernaut, Kunkka,

Anti-Melee Carry Heroes:
Venge (swap), Lifestealer, Clockwerk, Ursa?, Viper? Brewmaster, Disruptor

Team: Slowing for melee carries:
#1:  Sven/Skellie/Jugg, Dazzle/Veno/CM/Tide, Jungle: Ursa/Lifestealer, Mid:  , Offlane: BH

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