Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Team Ideas: Pushing teams

Dota 2 pushing teams (long range):
Wind Ranger

Tinker mid
Timbersaw solo offlane
Faceless Void

Short Range pushing teams:
QoP mid
Necrolyte carry farm + Leshrac + Disruptor
Axe/Timber solo offlane

Pushing Team:
NP (jungle), Darkseer (offlane), Pugna/Leshrac (mid), Lyncan + Dazzle (safe)

Strong laning team with push:
DK mid (Mek + Mael)
DS offlane
Safe Tri-Lane: Luna/Pugna + Dazzle + Sand King
Aggro Tri:  Lesh + SK + Sven?
Aggro Tri:  Necrophos + SK + CM
Def Tri:  Pugna (farming) + Sven (pulling) + Lina
Aggro/Def Tri:  LIfestealer + Naga + SS
Aggro tri:  Slardar + CM + Earthshaker

Push & Counterpush
Mid:  Tinker
Jungle:  Enigma
Offlane: NP
Safe:  Weaver + SS

Another idea:
Jungle:  Enigma or Chen
Mid:  Shadowfiend, Gyro, or Death Prophet
Solo Offlane:  Timbersaw, Broodmother, or NP
Safelane:  Luna + Leshrac/Lina
Ban:  KotL, Earthshaker, Tide, 

6.83 patch, pushing teams

Mid: Lina
Safelane: Lycan (HoD w/Alpha Wolf) + Jakiro
Jungle: Chen
Offlane: Timbersaw or Beastmaster
Ban: Earthshaker, Tide, then KotL & Tinker, then Shadowfiend

Mid:  Leshrac
Safelane: Gyro (HoD w/Alpha Wolf) + Jakiro
Jungle: Enigma
Offlane: Timbersaw or Beastmaster

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