Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kill-Zone Teams

The following teams want to set up a "kill zone", trapping the enemy and then dishing out major damage, or moving the enemy team into favourable positions:

#1:  Set up the kill zone
Offlane: Timbersaw
Mid:  Magnus
Safe: Anti-mage/Lifestealer/Sven + Disruptor + Sand King
Combo:  Chakram + Field + Epi
Bans:  Naga, Lycan, Batrider, Silencer, OD
Pick:  Sandking, Timbersaw, Disruptor, Magnus, AM

#2:  Drag you places
Mid:  Pudge
Offlane:  Magnus
Safe:  Kunkka (or CK) + Venge + Disruptor
Bans:  Silencer, Lycan, Naga, OD
Pick:  Venge, Pudge, Timbersaw, Disruptor, Kunkka

Magic killboxes:
Gyro safe carry
Skywrath or Leshrac support
Magnus / Dark Seer / Enigma / NP jungle
Sand King mid
Clockwerk offlane

#2: Clockwerk, Timbersaw, Gyro, NP, Sand King
#3: NP, Dark Seer, Gyro, Sand King, Shadow Shaman
#4: Puck, Earth Spirit, Elder Titan, Disruptor, Luna

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