Thursday, June 5, 2014

Level 1 Roshan Line-Ups

Dota 2 - Early Roshan

This team liquid link to early Roshan is a great guide for non-obvious early Roshan drafting.

List of Level 1 Roshan Heroes:

NP (Treants)
Enigma (Plague wards or Treants into Eidolons?)
Beastmaster (attack speed aura)
Luna (fixed damage aura)
Wraith King (lifesteal aura)
Naga (Riptide armor reduction)
Venge (Wave armor reduction)
Alchemist (Acid spray armor reduction)
Lich (Frost Armor)
Centaur (return, tanky)
Ogre Magi (tanky, high armor, can remove Roshan Linkens)
Spiritbreaker (tanky, high hp & armor)
Nightstalker (tanky, high armor and base dmg)
Enchantress (Untouchable for tanking, Spirits for healing)
Viper (Tank w/Corrosive skin, or use Nethertoxin for extra dmg)
Treant (high base dmg, Living Armor)
Veno (plague wards)
Dark Seer (ion shell, tanky)
Leshrac (edict does extremely high amount of physical dmg level 1)
Templar Assassin (Refraction bonus dmg or tank 3 “free” hits)
Lifestealer (Feast does not work on Rosh)

Sample Teams:

#1: Luna (aura), Lich (ice armor), Ogre/NStalker (tank), DS (ion), Venge (wave)
Laned as: NStalker / Ogre mid, Luna+venge+lich Safelane, DS solo offlane
#2:  Axe (swipe), Fiend (aura), Beastmaster (aura), Enigma (Eidolons from treants), NP (treants)
Laned as:  Fiend Mid, Beastmaster / Axe / Enigma offlane (take tower), NP solo safe lane.
#3: Ursa + Lich + Skellie (vamp?) + Centaur (tank, return + ice armor) +
#4: Huskar (tank to low hp, then dps), Ogre (lust, tank), Leshrac (edict), Shadow Demon (dmg boost – make sure someone else hits him with a spell first!), Razor (ranged dps only)
Laned as: Razor mid, Huskar/Ogre/Lesh safe lane, SD offlane OR Huskar+Ogre & Lesh+SD offlane, Razor mid.
#5: Enigma, Veno, Luna, Centaur, Nightstalker


  • You want heroes that will take their “typical” laning abilities (i.e. failed Rosh won’t screw your laning).  For example, while SFiend with armor reduction aura sounds good, you NEED Necromastery for laning.  Failed Roshan = failed lane.
  • You want 2 heroes who will tank – both will take Stout/Ring of Protection and 2xPotions each
  • If you want to debuff Rosh, you need someone else to purge his Linken’s first with an active ability
  • Armor reduction really, really helps (Venge / Naga / Alch )
  • You want only 2 melee heroes, otherwise Roshan will use his AOE stomp, inflicting more damage, and stunning melee. 
  • Ideally one hero should buy a Basilius for the armor aura.

Some other links:

DotaFire Guide to Early Roshan

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