Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Playing the Odds: 4 Strength & 1 Int hero = Win

Based on some number crunching at one time, and for Dota2 pub games, it seemed that teams with 4 Strength Heroes and 1 Intelligence hero did surprisingly well.

There's also a reddit post discussing the findings.

Note that ranged heroes are generally preferred to melee heroes, so it stands to reason that ranged strength heroes would also be quite strong, but there's aren't very many of them:
  • Phoenix
  • Io
  • Huskar
  • Dragonknight (Dragon Form only)

Here are some team suggestions for "4 Strength, 1 Int" Teams.

4 Str and 1 Int Hero:  Play the Odds
#1: Offlane Beastmaster, Lifestealer jungle, Huskar mid, Tiny + Lion safelane
#2: Dazzle + Centaur, Ursa jungle, Tidehunter solo, Necrolyte mid
#3:  Tidehunter offlane, Dragon Knight mid, Sand King + Chaos Knight + Dazzle
#4:  Dark Seer offlane (int), Nightstalker mid, Wisp (yes, Str-based!) + CK + Sand King
#5:  Magnus mid, Beastmaster offlane,  Undying + Dazzle + Slardar safe lane
#6:  Clockwerk offlane, DK mid,  Lion (int) + Sven + Treant
#7:  Timbersaw offlane, CK + Wisp mid, ???
#8:  Sand King mid, Magnus offlane, Earthshaker + Sven + Rubick (ES pulls).
#9:  Spirit Breaker + Abaddon + Lich, DK mid, Beastmaster offlane

4 Strength and an Int:
#1:  Beastmaster, Abaddon, Magnus, Huskar, CM
#2:  Wisp, CK, DK, Necrolyte, Axe
#3:  Sand King, Timbersaw, Nightstalker, Sven, Lion
#4:  Phoenix, Earth Spirit, Pudge/Spiritbreaker, Brewmaster, Dazzle
#5:  Warlock, Tidehunter, Sand King,

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