Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Builds: Shadowfiend

Shadowfiend (early effectiveness)
Start (625): Circlet, Slippers, RoP, Healing Salve
Early: Boots, Ring of Aquila
Core (go gank): Phase Boots, Shadowblade, TP
Core Ext: Crystalis,  BKB
Luxury (6-slotted): MKB, Butterfly, Deadalus, Satanic, BoT, BKB

The following build provides "lean" item progressions for Shadowfiend, where he will start coming online as a ganker quite early, with minimal farm:

Shadowfiend Midas Build:

Another build is the "Midas" build, where you will be aiming for slightly later impact, but stronger late-game presence with higher farm:
Start (575):  Tango, 3 Branches, Circlet, Healing Salve
Early:  Boots, Gloves of Speed
Core:  Midas, Power Treads, Shadowblade
Core Ext:  BKB, HoD
+ Attack modifier item (choose 1):
Diffusal, Desolator, Satanic, Skadi
Luxury:  Manta, Butterfly, BoTs, MKB

Shadowfiend Split-Pusher Build:

This would be a very-situational build, where you'd want Shadowfiend to be able to push a lane by himself (which he can do well with flash-farming), but also be able to escape at a moment's notice, or switch lanes easily:

Start (625): Circlet, Slippers, RoP, Healing Salve
Early:  Boots, Aquila, Maelstrom
Core:  Shadowblade, BoTs, Blink Dagger
Luxury:  Mjolnir, Manta, Skadi

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