Friday, June 6, 2014

Flowchart: Hero Selection

This needs to be put in a flowchart, but it's a work-in-progress for now.

Dota 2 Flow Chart for Hero Selection:
Choose your strat:
  1. Pushing (see pushing heroes to pick & anti-push heroes to ban)
    1. Choose pushing-supports as your first picks. Try to select heroes with good teamfight to obscure your choice of strategy, and to be able to win fights when you group up to push.
    2. Choose a semi-carry or early-effect carry who can push (Luna, CK, Gyro, Tiny, DK, Juggernaut, etc).
    3. Choose a mid with push (Tinker, QoP, Puck, Zeus, etc.)
    4. Know that you need to end the game early (before 30 mins if possible).
  2. Teamfight (choose most flexible heroes first, then mid, then carry last)
  3. Gank & Snowball
    1. No more than 1 invis hero (too easy to counter whole team if > 1)
    2. Mid should be ganker hero who can farm enemies at L6, and dominate mid.
    3. Consider aggressive tri-lane to shut down enemy carry
    4. Supports should have nukes/disables and some push to take towers after successful ganks.
    5. Good idea to ban the type of heroes that could counter-gank (Wisp, KotL, NP) or counter-push (KotL, Dazzle, Lina, Tinker)
  4. Split Push / Global Strat (see mobile heroes and split-push heroes – ban gankers & supports with teleports such as Wisp, KotL, etc). First-pick NP if possible.
If at least 1 true support on our team take Lion (Tranq boots, Wand, Soul Ring, Eul’s)
If no supports, or only semi-supports Lich (try for Force Staff) or Shadow Shaman (Regen, Eul’s)

If no carry -> melee carry -> Lifestealer, Chaos Knight, Sven, Dragon Knight, Alchemist
If need jungler -> Lifestealer or Ursa, Enigma, Legion Commander
If need ranged carry -> Drow Ranger, Luna, Shadowfiend, Viper, Gyro, Medusa
If need ganker -> Nyx Assassin, QoP, Slardar, Storm Spirit, etc.
If need support pusher -> Shadow Shaman, KotL, Leshrac, Lina, Veno
If need split pusher -> Nature’s Prophet, Tinker, Lycan
Paired with gank-style carry:  Shadow Shaman, Keeper, Lion, Leshrac, Shadow Demon, Veno
Paired with weak melee carry:  Lich, Crystal Maiden, Lion
Support - If lots of melee on team -> Vengeful spirit, Beastmaster, Dazzle
Lots of mana-dependent enemies, with big ultimates -> Silencer, Nyx
Need to counter a melee carry -> Lifestealer, Viper, Ursa, Razor
Need AOE damage -> Earthshaker, Sand King, Venomancer, Gyrocopter, Ancient Apparition, Obsidian Destroyer (Int based), Tidehunter, Warlock
Need AOE disable/positioning -> Naga, Enigma, Magnus, Dark Seer, Clockwerk (cogs),Wyvern, Earthshaker.

Match an enemy hard carry -> Faceless Void, Phantom Assassin, Alchemist, Anti-mage, Sven

If your Hard Carry = Chaos Knight, Skeleton King or Tiny, then good pick = Wisp, Shadow Shaman, Lich, Dazzle

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