Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Teamfight Heroes

Big teamfight heroes: 
Damage:  Earthshaker, Leshrac, Sand King, Outworld Destroyer, Anti-Mage, Veno, Sfiend, QoP, Lich, Keeper, Crystal Maiden, Gyro, Shadow Shaman, Jakiro, Zeus, Tinker, Warlock, Witch Doctor, Death Prophet, Disruptor

Disable:  Magnus, Enigma, Sven, Centaur, Slardar, Faceless, Silencer, AA?, Puck, Jakiro, Brewmaster, Kunkka, Beastmaster, Tide, Treant

Positioning:  Dark Seer, Clockwerk

Buff/Debuff:  Dazzle, Venge, Necro, Shadow Demon, Invoker, Pugna, Undying, Chen, Drow, Beastmaster, Luna, Troll, KotL

"Broken" (OP) Ultimates:
Troll (+Spectre!)
Ancient Apparition
Death Prophet
Lich (less so in higher-skill games)
Faceless Void
Naga Siren

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