Friday, June 6, 2014

Team Idea: Drafting Around Faceless Void

This team idea focuses on choosing Faceless Void as your carry, and maximizes the damage that can be inflicted inside of Chronosphere.

Faceless-centric line-ups:

Dual Lanes:
Veno+Drow, Face+Venge, Lesh mid (or Drow mid)
Tri-Lane Team:
Face+Veng+Lesh trilane
Veno solo offlane
Drow mid

Tri-Lane team #2:

DarkSeer offlane, 
Shadow Fiend mid, 
Face+Lesh+Veng trilane 
Combo:  Vacuum into Chrono/Lesh/SF ults, with Venge armor reduction for Face


+ Can get kills in trilane (Missle+Split+autoattacks w/Venge armor reduction)
+ Venge can go gank mid to get advantage
+ SF strong mid in pubs if not denied heavily
+ DS very safe offlane w/ion shell spam (get Clarities)
+ Lots of push

Faceless Void trilane with 2 supports from this list:

WITCH DOCTOR (position 4 or 5)
CRYSTAL MAIDEN (4, pulls, phase boots + shadowblade),  
LICH (5, stays lane, Mek),
SHADOW SHAMAN (position 4)
SKYWRATH MAGE (position 4 or 5)

OfflaneJakiro (Position 3, Arcane Boots, Force Staff, Veil/Pipe)
MidMagnus (Position 2, Boots, Wand, Upgraded Boots, Blink Dagger, Drums, BKB)

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