Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Drafting Exercise: Building a Team around a Carry

The following teams are based around Sven.  This post illustrates a thought process where you figure out what a hero needs, and create a team around boosting that carry with appropriate picks.

Sven needs:
-        Attack speed:  Beastmaster, Troll, Ogre
-        Mana regen:  Crystal Maiden (CM), Keeper of the Light (KotL)
-        Slowing/lockdown:  Disruptor, Veno, Invoker, Magnus, Puck, Batrider
-        Lane Babysitter:  CM, Disruptor, AA, Warlock, Lion, Io

Don’t pick Sven against kiters:
-        Drow
-        Viper
-        Lycan
-        Weaver
-        Sniper

Pick Sven against: 
-        Illusion heroes (Naga, CK, PL, etc)

Sven Items:
Start (585):  Tango, Shield, Potion, Branch x 2
Early: Boots, Wand, Helm of Dominator (stacking)
Core:  Power Treads, BKB, TP
Late:  MoM/Satanic, S&Y, Deadalus, BoT
6 Slotted:  BoT, S&Y, BKB, Deadalus, Heart, MoM/Satanic

Sven-based teams:
Mid:  Kunkka or Luna
Offlane: Solo Darkseer or Centaur
Supports: Disruptor, CM
Safe Carry: Sven

Mid: Magnus
Offlane: Solo Beastmaster
Supports:  Ogre (Roaming / Pulling), CM (babysitter, early aura)
Carry: Sven

Mid: Exhort Invoker/AA
Offlane: Solo Timbersaw
Supports:  Shadow Demon/Bane, Sand King
Carry:  Sven

Mid: Puck (#2) or Storm Spirit
Offlane: Centaur/Magnus/Dark Seer (#3)
Supports:  Wraith King (#4), Disruptor/Warlock (#5)
Carry:  Sven (#1)

Mid:  Timbersaw/Slark/Puck (ganker)
Offlane:  Lich/Veno/BH/Magnus/Tide
Supports:  Venge (roamer), Disruptor (lane support)
Carry:  Sven

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