Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pub Captain's Mode Opening Statement

I wish all Captains in Pub Dota would say something like the following, when drafting for pub games in Captain's Mode:

“Everyone please list 3-5 heroes you want to play, in order of preference, and indicate what positions you can play with those heroes (1 – Hard Carry, 2 – Mid, 3- Solo / OfflaneFarmer / Jungle, 4 – Pulling/Safe Support; 5 – Warding/Offlane Support).

Indicate if you generally want dual lanes or tri-lane, in CAPS (DUAL or TRI).

Example:  Magnus(2, 3, 4), Lion (5), QoP (2), Bounty Hunter (3), Anti-Mage (1); prefer DUAL.

I’m banning heroes X and Y first*, unless anyone wants those, because they suck to lane/play against at our level.”

As a side note:
*For ban heroes, you could pick PL & Pudge, Sniper & OD, NP & KotL, Riki & BH, etc.
(Alternately, you could ban "top meta" heroes, such as Batrider, Invoker, Lycan, Razor, OD, Tidehunter, Shadow Shaman, Skywrath Mage, etc).

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