Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Team Ideas: Global Presence

A sample of some teams with global presence or abilities.

Global gank strats:
#1: Global Mobility
NP (solo offlane?)
Wisp/(KotL/Chen) + Spiritbreaker + Lifestealer (bomb, Lifestealer jungles?)
Tinker (mids/supports/semi-carries)

#2: Global effect
Jungle: NProphet
Safe Lane: AA, Gyro (get Aghs)
Solo Offlane: Treant, Tinker, KotL, Centaur?
Mid: Zeus/Spiritbreaker/Silencer/Invoker

#3:  Naix bombs
Solo Offlane:  Clockwerk (or Beastmaster for Hawk)
Safelane:  Lifestealer, Nyx, Io
Mid:  Puck or Storm Spirit

Global Presence (long range)
Mid semi-carry:  Gyro (Agh's) or Silencer (Agh’s), or Invoker (Exhort)
Supports:  AA + Zeus
Offlane:  Clockwerk (Flare)
Carry:  Spectre (Haunt)

Global Presence (teleport)
Mid:  Tinker (Dagon?) or Nyx (Dagon)
Jungle:  NP (Desolator for tower pushing)
Offlane:  KotL  (just suck up levels, clear waves w/ illuminate, build early Mek/Pipe, soften up enemy heroes for Tiny/Wisp gank, get BoT to be extremely annoying with split push)
Safe Lane:  DK / Tiny (carry) + Wisp (warding, position 5)
Ban:  Disruptor, Silencer, Chen

Team (Global Presence)
Tinker mid
Nature’s Prophet solo safe lane
Spiritbreaker  + Chaos Knight + Wisp

Tiny + Wisp + AA aggressive tri-lane
Pudge mid (throws well with Tiny!)
Tinker / NP solo safelane

Invoker mid (Exhort)
NP jungle
CK + Wisp safelane
Bounty Hunter solo offlane (or Dark Seer / Enigma / Lich / Tide for more teamfight)

#4 (versus Global strat)
Disruptor + Gyro safe lane
Lifestealer Jungle
Dazzle or Treant solo offlane
Spirit Breaker (or Tinker/AA/Invoker/Zeus) mid

Team:  Global Ults & Abilities
Troll mid
Spectre + CM
Centaur + AA

Team: Physical Global Presence:
Spectre solo safe lane (needs extra regen + shield)
NP jungle / safe lane
Wisp +1 offlane (CK, Tiny, Slardar, DK, Lifestealer, Wraith King)
Mid:  Storm Spirit or Spirit Breaker

Global Dmg Heroes:

  • Clockwerk (Flare)
  • Ancient Apparition (Ice Blast)
  • Gyro w/Agh (Call Down is global)
  • Zeus (ult)
  • Invoker (Exhort = Sunstrike)
Global Positioning Heroes:
  • Nature's Prophet (teleport + ult)
  • Spectre (Haunt)
  • Wisp (teleport)

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