Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Drow-Based Teams with Ranged Carries

The idea of these teams is to take advantage of Drow Ranger's precision aura to boost damage to your main right-click carries, and even some supports to make them more dangerous.

In most cases, you need to pick Drow last so that she's not counterpicked (she's easily ganked early game), and so that the team's synergy may not be readily apparent until last pick.  This also gives the ability for the captain to pick a different carry if another would be more suitable vs. the opponent's lineup.  Some suggestions for alternate carries are given in some team ideas, below.

Team Ideas (dual lanes):

Mid: Drow (or Beastmaster/Clinkz/Zeus)
Offlane: Batrider (Warlock/Treant/Phoenix/Puck/Silencer) + Bristleback/ElderTitan/Axe (ooh, annoying!)
Safelane:  Luna + Venge/Lion/Nyx
Bans: OD, Viper, then Invoker/Pudge/NP/Io/Bane, then counterban
Pick Order:  Batrider, Venge, Luna, Bristleback, Drow

Mid: Shadowfiend
Offlane:  Luna + Dazzle
Safe:  Drow + Tidehunter (Clockwerk?)
Bans:  Batrider, OD, NP, then Bounty/DK/Slark
Picks:  Tidehunter, Luna+Dazzle, Shadowfiend, Drow
Problem:  Low Stuns

Mid: Viper/Huskar
Offlane:  Clinkz + Clockwerk
Safelane:  Drow + support
(Tough) Supports w/teamfight initiation:  Earthshaker/Tide/Magnus/Beastmaster/SandKing/Jakiro/Treant/Alchemist
Bans:  Ember, Bountyhunter, NP, Tinker, Dazzle, Disruptor, Kunkka
Pick:  Clockwerk, Support, Clinkz, Viper, Drow

Mid:  DK
Offlane:  Clockwerk
Safelane:  Drow + Venge/Dazzle/SD
Jungle:  NP (or Axe/Commander/Ursa)
Bans:  Batrider, OD, Invoker, Nightstalker
Picks:  NP, Clockwerk, DK, support, Drow

Mid:  Shadowfiend (early Shadowblade, then BKB)
Safe:  Drow (Aquila, Manta, Ethereal Blade) + Support Wraithking (Blademail, Blink Dagger)
Offlane: DK (Armlet, Pipe) + Support Viper (Mek, Wards)
Bans: Lycan, Invoker, Centaur, OD, Dazzle
Picks:  Viper, DK, Shadowfiend, Wraithking, Drow
Problem:  No teamfight Disable/Lockdown (but 2 stuns, and 2 slows, tho)

Mid: Drow/SF/DK (shadowblade, manta)
Offlane:  Lina (Arcanes, Drums) + Venge (medallion, force staff)
Safe:  Death Prophet (Mek, Bloodstone) + Dazzle/Tree/Omni/Abaddon (hard support)
Bans:  Batrider, OD, Io, Tinker, Disruptor

Picks: Dazzle, Venge, Lina, Death Prophet, Drow
Problem:  No hard carry.  Need pickoffs.



Mid: Shadowfiend
Solo Offlane (tank):  Bristleback, Clockwerk, Slardar, Tide, or Timbersaw
Safe: Drow + Lina + Windranger
Bans:  Batrider, Io, Brewmaster, Spectre, Viper/OD

Picks:  Windranger, Lina, Offlaner, Shadowfiend, Drow

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