Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Team ideas: Area Lockdown

Pure nukeage lineup (someone get Veil!)
Lina/Lion/SS + SF/OD/Gyro/Luna
SK/ES/Ogre/Skywrath + Leshrac/Jakiro

Area Lockdown Heroes:  Puck, Disruptor, Clockwerk, Magnus, Enigma, Medusa

Team:  Area lockdown + Dmg
#1: Medusa + SK + Skywrath/WD/Lich
Gyro/SF/Puck mid
DS/Clockwerk offlane

Puck mid
Kunkka + Sand King + Disruptor
Elder Titan offlane
Ban:  Silencer, Naga, Rubick

Magnus Mid
Beastmaster Offlane
Wraith King + Leshrac + Luna
Ban: Silencer, Naga, Rubick, Tinker

Faceless Void mid
Dark Seer offlane
Leshrac + Venge + Gyro

Team:  Anti-Teamfight

Annoying lanes:
Naga + Phoenix

AS control team:
Centaur offlane
Beastmaster mid
Troll + Phoenix + Abaddon/Dazzle/Silencer

Aggressive team:
Centaur + Tiny offlane (Toss into Stomp+Edge into Avalanche)
Pudge/Spiritbreaker mid
Troll/Alchemist/Huskar/Slardar/WK/Sven/Lifestealer + CM safelane

Another early Rosh team:
Naga mid, Luna + Lich, Axe jungle, Beastmaster offlane

Teamfight Teams:

Magic Dmg:  Ogre, Zeus, Sand King, Luna, Jakiro

Magic Dmg:  Luna/Sven/Gyro(1), Disruptor (5), Jakiro(4), Dark Seer (offlane, Mek, Shiva’s), Zeus (mid, get Veil)

Area Lockdown:  
Clockwerk (offlane), Jakiro (mid, get Mek+Veil+Force), Disruptor (Wards) + Shadowfiend (Shadow Blade + BKB), Enigma (jungle, get BKB)
Magnus (mid), Lich/Tide (offlane), Gyro + Disruptor + Sand King/ES

AR Reduction:  Slardar (Blink) + Dazzle (Mek), Alch (Shadowblade) + Venge (Basilius/Wards), Shadowfiend/TA mid (Phase, Desolator)
(could also early Rosh:  Crush + Shadow Wave + Acid Spray + Wave + Aura/Meld (or Necromastry/Field, so you don’t screw yourself in lane if Rosh fails).

Push + Teamfight:  
Dark Seer/Clockwerk/Magnus/WR (offlane), Enigma (jungle), Sven/Alch + Jakiro/Disruptor/WitchDoctor/SS, QoP/SF/Leshrac mid
Weaknesses:  Split push & Ganking (supports are squishy).  Ban NP, Wisp, Tinker

NP offlane, SF mid, Luna + Warlock + Sand King

AS buff team:  Abaddon mid, Beastmaster offlane, Lyncan/Luna/Slardar + Warlock + Ogre

Teamfight Team:  Darkseer, Warlock, Lich, Sand King, Sven (Vaccum into Infernal+Burrowstrike into Slow + Epi into Hammer + Cleave)
Lanes:  DS offlane, Warlock mid, SK jungle/pulling, Sven + Lich safelane

Counter-teamfight team:  NP offlane, Tinker mid, Silencer + Naga + Weaver

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