Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Illusion and Minion Teams

The following illustrates the idea of punishing an enemy team who typically runs a lineup with little AOE.  Chances are that you won't aim for this type of draft, since you can be hard-countered if the enemy picks up some strong anti-push or AOE, but you can drift this direction if you notice little AOE on the enemy team.

Illusion team
Mid:  Naga
Offlane: CK + Shadow Demon
Safe:  PL/Spectre + Warlock

Minion Heroes:
Beastmaster (Inner Beast)
Lycan (Howl)
Brood (no buff to others)
Chen (Heal)
Enchantress (no buff to others)
Enigma (Eidolons, no buff to others)
Invoker (Fire Spirits)
Nature’s Prophet

Ban:  KotL, Earthshaker

Minion Teams:
Mid: Invoker
Offlane:  CK + Visage
Safe Lane:  Lycan + Warlock

Mid: Beastmaster
Offlane:  NP
Safe:  Lycan + Veno
Jungle:  Chen

Team Idea (add some auras to minion team)
-        Shadow Fiend (mid)
-        Wraith King (pos 4)
-        Lycan (safe farmer)
-        Enigma (jungle)

-        Beastmaster (offlane)

Summoned unit synergy:
Offlane: Broodmother
Mid: Beastmaster
Safe: Lycan + Visage;
Jungle:  NP
Pick order:  NP, Visage, Beastmaster, Lycan, Broodmother (this way you can pick differently if enemy team adjusts)
Ban:  Earthshaker, KotL, Tinker, Leshrac, Shadow Fiend

LOL army team:
Chen jungle
NP offlane
Lyncan + Enigma
Beastmaster mid
(someone get a Necrobook!)

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